4 Easy Fall Home Maintenance Tips – Interior

It’s helpful to start prepping your home for fall before it actually arrives. Late summer is the ideal time to begin preparing for autumn and the rough weather to come. Use the following tips to get your home’s interior in tip-top shape for the cold season.


#1 Home Safety

Before you close up your house and turn on the heat for the first time, you should make a point to check all of your safety devices to ensure that they work properly. Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and make sure your fire extinguishers aren’t expired.

#2 Schedule Furnace Maintenance

Once the cold season strikes, your HVAC service is likely to be busy on service calls. Instead, schedule a furnace check in late August to ensure that your furnace is functioning optimally. Late summer is the ideal time to catch small furnace problems before they cause large ― and expensive ― problems during a cold snap.

#3 Improve Insulation

With improved insulation in your attic and walls, you’ll be better able to prevent cold air from seeping into your interior. When cold drafts get into your home, they force your furnace to work overtime to heat your house. This leads to higher energy bills. Investing in insulation can help you save on energy costs.

#4 Ready Quilts and Blankets

Freshen up stored quilts and winter blankets during the late summer. Also, you might want to have your flannel sheets and pillowcases ready as well.