Indoor Water Conservation – Part 4

Hundreds of gallons of water are wasted inside your home and business each year. Conserve water and save money when you become WaterSmart!*

Kitchen Faucet and Dishwasher

Washing the dishes accounts for most of the water usage in the kitchen.

  • Operate automatic dishwashers only when fully loaded to save on hot water, detergent and energy costs.
  • By using the short cycle on your dishwasher instead of the full cycle, you can save 15 gallons of water per load.
  • Remember when washing your dishes to limit the amount of hot water usage.
  • Check to see if your dishwasher can clean dishes without pre-rinsing them. Most current model dishwashers don’t require pre-rinsing.
  • If you need to hand-wash dishes, do not leave the tap running while you scrub.

*WaterSmart is a water conservation education program initiated by the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA). Its mission is to educate about the importance of indoor and outdoor water conservation so that all residents can help make a difference and be WaterSmart.