Outdoor Water Conservation – Part 5

You can have a healthy landscape and conserve water.  Plant the right plant in the right place, design and maintain your landscape for efficient water use!  Conserve water and save money when you become WaterSmart!*


These tips are only to be used in compliance with your local water provider watering restrictions.

  • Water at night or in the early morning hours from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m. to maximize effectiveness and prevent water loss from evaporation in the heat of the day. Overnight watering will not damage turf grass. If you have an automatic irrigation system, set it to come on between these hours.
  • In the case of drought damage, consider the replacement costs of the plants in your landscape. Save the most valuable plants by using rain barrels or saved water from around the home.
  • Selectively hand-water trees and shrubs showing excessive signs of drought stress. If under complete water restrictions, prune back trees and shrubs by one-third to one-half if they become severely wilted.
  • Check your plants to see if they need watering:
  • Shrubs will turn a gray-green color and wilt
  • Trees show a premature fall color and shed leaves
  • Turf grass turns a grey-green color and the blades wilt and roll inward
  • Water slowly and deeply so the soil absorbs water 6″ to 8″ deep.
  • When possible, use more efficient irrigations systems, such as a soaker hose, or drip irrigation.
  • Use an automatic time controller and attach a rainfall sensor to turn off the irrigation system if significant rainfall has occurred.
  • Only irrigate turf in high-impact, visible areas of the landscape.

*WaterSmart is a water conservation education program initiated by the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA). Its mission is to educate about the importance of indoor and outdoor water conservation so that all residents can help make a difference and be WaterSmart!