Outdoor Water Conservation – Part 6

You can have a healthy landscape and conserve water.  Plant the right plant in the right place, design and maintain your landscape for efficient water use!  Conserve water and save money when you become WaterSmart!*


  • Relieve soil compaction to increase air and water movement into the soil by aerating when required – especially on slopes
  • Rent a power aerator and aerate during periods of active plant growth and when the soil is moist

Collect Water

  • Place rain barrels under downspouts to collect water that can be used to hydrate your landscape without turning on a faucet.
  • Be sure to place screens over your rain barrel to keep out debris such as pine needles and leaves.
  • Utilize “mosquito dunks,” which are donut shaped larvicide tablets, to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Install cisterns to collect storm water that can be used in times of drought, much like a rain barrel.

*WaterSmart is a water conservation education program initiated by the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority (CCMWA). Its mission is to educate about the importance of indoor and outdoor water conservation so that all residents can help make a difference and be WaterSmart!