The Care & Conserve Plumbing Repair Program (CCPRP) provides elderly, low-income, and disabled Atlanta homeowners with free plumbing repair services, bill payment assistance, and installation of water-efficient fixtures. This program benefits all customers of the Department of Watershed Management by helping to reduce the burden of outstanding debt on the system and by promoting the most efficient use of our water resources. Learn more at the Atlanta Watershed Care and Conserve site.

Our Services



We perform repairs on P-Traps, leaky faucets and toilets, drains, drain lines and connections, soil stacks and vents, sewer lines, sinks, tubs, showers and other drain/sewer system components. To request an application, call 770-742-0706 or apply online.

Bill Payment Assistance

The City offers financial assistance to low-income ratepayers who are having difficulty paying water and sewer bills.


In addition to repairs and bill assistance, we provide tips and educational resources to help you conserve water in your home and keep bills to a minimum.


Our Impact


Plumbing Repairs


Low Flow Toilet Installations


Households Educated